Our Culture

Our home
and how
you will be

Our Home

You notice the difference at Rose City when you arrive at our office. We want you to feel at home when you walk in the door. We’ve feng shuied the office to emphasize flowing energy and abundance.

You won’t find a boardroom here, rather a living room, where we hold all our staff meetings — in a circle, to show that each person’s opinion is equally valued. 

We believe in fun too. Every office has its politics and culture. We have our Buddhas. Six tiny Buddhas inhabit our space. It’s become a workplace custom to move the Buddhas from place to place. If you find one, keep the momentum going by moving it to a new location for the next person to find.

How you will be treated

Our clients are our friends. There’s no judgment here. If you’ve had credit challenges in the past or a flawless credit history, makes no difference to us. We treat every client with respect for the choices they have made in their lives. We will do our job to get you the best loan for your situation, no matter what it is.

Likewise, we understand that the world is often not a fair place. We’ve seen gays, women and people of color discriminated against and we know that it is unfair and wrong. At Rose City we strive to treat all our clients with respect and give them the best service possible. Period.

At Rose City you will receive personalized attention. Your loan officer will guide you through the whole process, streamlining the process and giving you real human contact. Your loan officer handles every detail of your loan. We think it only makes sense to always have the most experienced and knowledgeable person working on your loan.

While many mortgage companies rely on massive call centers and internet leads, we have grown solely through referrals, working with and for our community. Thank you!