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Photo of Ericka Heidrick

Ericka was wonderfully
helpful and always responded
quickly and thoroughly to our
questions and concerns. She was
both professional and friendly,
and made us feel at ease dealing
with those big and sometimes
intimidating numbers.
– Leah K.

Ericka has the gift of being able
to explain the painful process of
securing financing in a calm and
accessible manner. She is such
a pleasure to deal with and a
really great person to boot! I had
a great experience working with
her. I could sing her praises all
day, but I also want to mention
that the entire staff of Rose City
Mortgage was friendly and helpful
to me. Their office space is
absolutely stunning and they
always have good coffee!
– Rod O.

You are amazing. I can' believe
it's official. Thank you so much for
sticking with it.
– Mandy

Ericka Heidrick, Loan Officer

2011’s Employee of the Year, Ericka loves being a part of the inspiring and unique artistic culture of Portland. A photographer and film/ music video producer herself (she recently produced the film, The Lilac Chaser, and has helped produce music videos for Foo Fighters, Menomena to name a couple), and avid music and film lover, Ericka never passes up a chance to attend live music events, or participate in local art galleries and live theater productions. Known for her big heart, and even bigger smile, Ericka is truly one in a million.

Motivated by the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest, Ericka will frequent impromptu road trips throughout the area, leaving no back road or potential opportunity for adventure unturned. Although a great lover of Portland, Hawaii is her second home and she tries to visit as frequently as she can. In fact, Hawaii is where she got her start in the mortgage business, working as a loan processor for a friend's business.

Energized by gratitude, thoughtful people, babies, films, a good nights’ sleep, and kicking ass her favorite things include inappropriate jokes, spontaneous road trips, camping, kayaking, dinner parties and the Investigation Discovery Channel. But most of all singing. “I just love singing…belting it out, mostly in the car. It brings me so much pleasure and brings inner calmness.”

"I am more than thrilled to be employed by such an amazing company. I don't think I could have dreamed of a better fit for me." “I have never wanted to work harder for anyone,” she says about Renee. “She is a leader.” Ericka is also big proponent of the green lifestyle, which fits right in with Rose City Mortgage.

Ericka can’t be kept down. The weekends bring the night life, and some consider Ericka a dancing fool. "I get really big, jump around and get very joyful," she says. "Dancing is a total release for me." She also loves riding her bike, camping, exploring Oregon's hot springs and watching films. Among her favorites are The Color Purple, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Pan's Labyrinth, Shame and anything by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar.

Ericka would love to help you with your mortgage needs. Wise cracking humor and gentle personality are just a couple of her great traits, and going that extra mile is what Ericka is all about. Ericka Heidrick adds a dose of fun to her clients’ home-buying experience, eliminating as much stress as possible using her warmth and ability to make people feel comfortable.

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Contact Ericka at ericka@rosecitymtg.com or at 503-459-8888

NMLS# 298221