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Photo of Kevin Martin

My wife and I just purchased
a home and I'm not sure it could
have happened without Kevin.
28 days from written offer to keys
in hand! He was able to make
everything as smooth and speedy
as possible. I will be using Kevin
for any future home purchases
and will recommend him to
everyone I can.
– Steve M

Here are a few adjectives we’d
use to describe him: wonderfully
patient, really damn smart,
incredibly nice, extremely kind,
straightforward and honest.
– Kyle K

Kevin Martin, Loan Officer

With a goal of achieving the best outcome for his clients, Kevin Martin always asks himself, “How can I make this experience easier for them?” This soft-spoken team member brings his unique blend of X-ray vision, and generosity to his clients and to the Rose City community.

Choosing always to be in the present moment, Kevin’s business philosophy revolves around sharing knowledge with your co-workers, as opposed to being competitive with them, and giving away the good stuff. It’s an attitude of abundance.

A world traveler, he spent an entire year backpacking through seven countries. Considering his affinity for what Kevin refers to as “a relaxed pace” it’s no surprise that his favorite place is a beach on an island in southern Thailand called Thong nai pan noi.

Given a day to himself you’d find this fresh air and raw vegetable enthusiast paddling his canoe on a pristine mountain lake. Or brewing…and drinking…craft beer while catching a Blazers game.

Contact Kevin at kevin@rosecitymtg.com or at 971-678-6590

NMLS# 213922