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It is such an outrageous Joy
for me to watch/see you continue
to move forward on your path of
Love. You are an inspiration and
an example for all of us. "Leading
with your heart" strikes a very
deep cord in my and I can literally
see you being preceded,
surrounded, followed everywhere
you go by your heart energy. You
so wonderfully demonstrate the
Joy and bliss of being fully in the
present for each of us. And, as I
reflect a bit more, I can "get" that
your gi to the Universe is to
simply BE who you are. No
necessity for anything else; that
alone is spectacular and

I'm so appreciative to share this
Journey with you, Renee. You are
an inspiration and Master Teacher
for me. Keep on Shining, Woman.
– Carol M.

Renee Spears, Founder

I started Rose City Mortgage in my family room over 20 years ago and never imagined we'd change not only the mortgage industry but also business in general. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to do things differently and created a company that makes a difference in the world.

Focusing on company culture, using the universal laws of attraction, and walking our talk as a green and socially responsible company propelled Rose City Mortgage to being a top employer both in Oregon and the nation.

In the early days, we started donating $100 each time we closed a loan. Those donations added up and we've now reached over $420,000 in total donations. Helping groups that have traditionally been marginalized in the mortgage industry like women, the GBLTQ community and people of color buy homes has been one of the most important things we've done.

A couple years ago I realized that it was time for me to move on to the next adventure, I started searching for a company with similar culture to work with and found PRMI. This partnering allows us to offer more and better loan programs while keeping everything about us that makes Rose City so great.

I'm proud of what we've accomplished with my time at Rose City Mortgage and now hand the company off to it's incredible employees to continue making the world a better place, one loan at a time.

Contact Renee at Tyce@rosecitymtg.com or at 503-768-4248

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