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It is such an outrageous Joy
for me to watch/see you continue
to move forward on your path of
Love. You are an inspiration and
an example for all of us. "Leading
with your heart" strikes a very
deep cord in my and I can literally
see you being preceded,
surrounded, followed everywhere
you go by your heart energy. You
so wonderfully demonstrate the
Joy and bliss of being fully in the
present for each of us. And, as I
reflect a bit more, I can "get" that
your gi to the Universe is to
simply BE who you are. No
necessity for anything else; that
alone is spectacular and

I'm so appreciative to share this
Journey with you, Renee. You are
an inspiration and Master Teacher
for me. Keep on Shining, Woman.
– Carol M.

Renee Spears, Loan Officer and Retail Division Manager

At the heart of Rose City Mortgage is its gentle creator and owner, Renee Spears. A frequent speaker and campaigner of the importance of employee happiness, she can frequently be found sharing her entrepreneurial knowledge on company culture, universal laws of attraction, and how to be a green and socially responsible company.

Renee has been a major part of the Portland business scene through her many roles in networking organizations and groups that give back to the community. Renee has received many awards over the years for her amazing work, including the Orchid Award from the Portland Business journal, as one of the top women in business in 2005 and 2013, and recognizing Rose City Mortgage as one of the top women owned businesses every year since 2005.

A master manifestor and astute business owner, Renee Spears sees the big picture and gets what she wants. Which means she regularly sleeps in, lies on the beach in Los Cabos, gets a massage at The Golden Door Spa and hikes in the Gorge. A major fan of yoga and meditation, Renee can also be found playing with her new doggie, Jack, spending time on Whidbey Island in the home her grandparents built or hiking through the Columbia Gorge.

And at Rose City Mortgage? “I ensure that my employees live their best lives." Expanding their minds to bigger ways of being and raising their collective energy, she inspires the team to make the world a better place through how they do business and who they are as people.

The business model that Renee's developed is an anomaly in the mortgage industry. Renee credits skills acquired in her training to become a kindergarten teacher have helped her build her business: listening, speaking so others can follow directions and the importance of making work fun.

An optimist who lives with a deep sense of peace for her it's really all about being in the moment, realizing that nothing is personal, thinking positive and big, keeping things in perspective with the knowledge that everything always works out. Renee has recently led a group in understanding the power of manifesting. Over the years, Renee has received numerous awards, including Portland Business Journal's Orchid Award in 2013 and 2005, Raphael House's Advocate for Change Award in 2010 and an Equity Foundation Award in 2013.

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Contact Renee at renee@rosecitymtg.com or at 503-768-4248

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